Exterior Function Introduction [Front]




Exterior Function Introduction [Back]



Home page function

  • Click or hold down the voice key on the screen to translate the speech.
  • You can also hold down the volume button to speak and release to translate.(You need to click "" in the lower right corner of the screen to turn on the function of "volume button reused as speech button")



Voice Translation-button free

Pick up to speak and put down to translate.

Pick up the translator so that the top front is close to mouth,about 10cm away. When you hear the "beep" sound,start to speak,and then move the translator away from the mouth beyond 10cm away to trigger the translation.

When using this function, please click ""in the lower right corner of the voice translation interface to ensure that the "button-free translation"function is turned on.



Voice Translation-button free

Hand out to automatically broadcast translation and receive sound.
After finish speaking,you can hand out the translator to show and broadcast the translation to the other party in full screen. At the end of the broadcast, the translator will automatically record, recognize the other party's voice and translate.

Photo Translation

Full-screen traming,shooting and instant translation.
  • Full screen mode: select the language to translate, and after pressing the shutter,it can directly translate the text into the target language.
  • Smear mode: select the language you need to translate and press the shutter to smear the text of the area you need to translate into the target language.



More applications

Click the icon in the upper left corner of the home page,or slide the page from left to right to see more applications and settings.


Quick setting

You can swipe down from the top status bar to see more quick setting.



Accessories include: Type-C data cable,SIM pin,instruction manual and protective case.