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The World's Most Powerful Translator

2-Way Translation

Covers over 60 languages

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Translates in <0.5 seconds

Built-in Global Data

Use Jarvisen all around the world 


Break language barriers everywhere you go.


Expand your business to greater horizons.


Learn and explore over 60 languages.

Bridge Families

Connect every generation with the gift of language.

Health & Wellness

Take care of yourself and others at a moment's notice.

I would highly recommend this for travelers around the world, it is very easy to use, has a loud speaker, and gets charged pretty quick as well.


Our son loves to learn about cultures throughout the world. We decided to gift him a Jarvisen so he can explore and learn other languages.


I started using Jarvisen for all my international clients and it made my business more efficient. We expanded our audience on a global scale.


My mother has a difficult time communicating with her nurse. After I showed her Jarvisen, she was able to tell them her wants and needs. 


This translator helped my parents while they were visiting me in the U.S. They were able to quickly communicate from Chinese to English while sightseeing!


When my parents visited from Japan, my daughter used our Jarvisen to communicate phrases. I’m happy to see them bond.


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