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Jarvisen Translator 2

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Jarvisen Translator 2 Launched globally, supporting 108 languages and accents, breaking language barriers and embarking on a global adventure.

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Great translator!!

I'm seriously blown away! Used it a week—crazy fast, dead-on accurate. Photo translation is rad, touch screen's a breeze. Tons more features to dig into. Looks and feels high-end. So stoked with it!

John Wrzesinski

Easy to use and works FAST

Roaming Europe with this translator is a blast! Handles all the languages I need, super user-friendly, seriously accurate, and fits right in my pocket. Yeah, it's a tad pricier, but trust me, totally bang for your buck.

Agustin Islas

Wow, this thing works!

Man, I was totally surprised at how awesome this thing works. The responses are crazy fast! Even my wife, who's a Mandarin whiz, said the translations are solid. Gonna give it a shot in China this year, and Japan's up next month. Can't wait!

Marx Lives