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We provide instruction manuals in four languages to assist you with any usage inquiries. Download it here.

Who should purchase Jarvisen Translator 2?

Do you love to travel and talk to different people? Do other cultures fascinate you? Have you been thinking of growing your own business internationally? Do you or your family members want to learn a new language?

If any one of your answers to the question above is “yes”, you should purchase a Jarvisen translator.

When and where can I use Jarvisen Translator 2?

You can use Jarvisen anywhere and anytime you want or need. Our mission is to create a universal translator to help you connect with the world without the obstacle of language.

How many languages is supported by the Jarvisen Translator 2?

Voice Translation:
- Online real-time translation of 108 languages and simultaneous inter-translation of the major global languages are available breaking the language barriers in the communication.

Photo Translation:
- Online photo translation is supported for 50 languages.

How to use the voice translation?

Unlock the device by swiping from the bottom up after turning it on. Then it will directly present the voice translation page on which the language can be set by sliding up at the bottom of the page.

(1) Gesture Detection: The device can function through recognizing gesture changes and distance detection near the mouth. The Gesture Detection is beginner-friendly and ready-to-use for the users. After finishing their side of talking, they can hand it out to others. And the translation display can be enlarged on the screen so that others can see it more clearly. The translation context can be presented in highlight with matched broadcast sound, guiding the other party to better understand the translated information.
After turning on the "Gesture Detection" switch, the main page of the voice translation will guide the user to pick the device up near the mouth and talk through the dynamic effect signal, then at the same time the voice capture will be activated (accompanied by radio sound tips and light flashing). After this, remove the device from the mouth, and translation results can be presented and broadcast. If at this time the user needs to show the translation results to the other, after the device is handed out, the translated text content will be shown in amplification display. The broadcasting translation context will also be shown in highlight so that the two parties can better understand the information.

(2) Physical Buttons: Translate by holding down the finger or clicking the button on the screen.
Compatible with long and short press operations, users can pick up the device which is ready-to-use without thinking or trying the long and short press button. This function not only meets the existing using way of the current translator device, “hold on to speak, let go to translate”, but also to caters to the operation habits of some users to press once to capture the speaking voice with automatic stop ending the conversation.

When the user turns off the "Gesture Detection" switch in the Settings, the gesture interaction of ”pick up to speak and hand out to translate” will cease to function. In that case, the user needs to click the button at the bottom of the screen to speak. If the "Physical Buttons" is turned on, the user can speak by pressing on the volume “+” “-” keys on the right side of the device, and release them to translate.

How to use the Global Internet Access Function?

1. The user can share the hotspots through phones and connect the device to the Internet.

2. The user can access global internet traffic seamlessly. Upon purchasing Jarvisen Translator 2, enjoy complimentary global internet traffic for two years.

Can I use Jarvisen offline?

Yes, you can.

How many languages can be translated offline by the Jarvisen Translator 2?

Offline Voice Translation:
- [Chinese-Foreign] Offline translation of 13 languages
Inter-translation between Chinese and English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Hindi is available.
- [English-Foreign] Offline inter-translation of 5 languages
Inter-translation between English and Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish is available

Offline Photo Translation:
- Inter-translation of 3 languages is supported, including Chinese, English and Japanese. (EN⇆CN, CN⇆JP, EN⇆JP are available for two-way offline photo translation.)

What is the battery capacity of Jarvisen Translator 2?


Does the Jarvisen Translator 2 Support Bluetooth?

BT5.0 is supported.

Can we switch the translation broadcast voice between male and female?

You can choose male and female voices by swiping down the notifications and clicking the Settings in the upper right corner - Sound and vibration - The voice of the broadcast .

How to change the time of the device?

Click the "Settings -Systems and Updates - Date and Time" to turn on the network time synchronization which can automatically synchronize the time in the network state. Turn off the network time synchronization switch, you can choose the time zone and date time settings on your own.

Does Jarvisen Translator 2 Support Wired Headphones?

Type-C Headphone is supported.

How to use photo translation?

Turn on the device and enter the home page. Then click the right upper corner to start the photo translation, or the user can also swipe the home page to the left to activate it.

If the voice translation is mis-recognized, is it modifiable?

No, it isn't.

What kind of ways are supported by the Jarvisen Smart Translator International to access the Internet services?

WiFi, mobile phone hotspots and SIM card are available. In-machine purchase of traffic card (global Internet access function, free for 2 years from the date of machine activation) no card network are also supported.


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