Connect With The World

Be connected in every situation, no matter what language you speak.


Break language barriers everywhere you go.

Journey around the world and be able to communicate in over 200 countries! With our five connection methods for optimal internet coverage, your exploration opportunities will be limitless. Whether trekking through dense rainforests in India or meeting locals in a coffee shop in Geneva, Jarvisen will be there every step of the way.

With the Jarvisen Translator, you can travel far and wide, and your discoveries will be endless.



Expand your business to greater horizons.

Explore the international market and close the gap of language barriers with Jarvisen by your side. Jarvisen accommodates professional vocabulary coverage in Healthcare, IT, Finance, Legal, Sports, and Energy.


Now your business can expand to much greater horizons.



Connect every generation with the gift of language.

Learn and practice 60 languages with Jarvisen’s smart AI translation engine. With less than a 0.5 second response time, it’s as easy as pressing a button to explore different cultures through language.

Learn a variety of languages at the comfort of your own home.


Health & Wellness

Take care of yourself and others at a moment's notice.

Taking care of your and your family’s health is a number one priority. With Jarvisen professional vocabulary coverage, you are able to communicate clearly with health professional anywhere.

Now we can take care of ourselves and our loved ones in any situation.


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