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What is Jarvisen?

Here at Jarvisen, we want to connect the world even more through progressive language technology. Jarvisen stands on three main pillars: Unity, Communication, and Trust. We look to unite the world through earned trust and unfettered communication.


Who should purchase Jarvisen?

Do you love to travel and talk to different people?
Do other cultures fascinate you?
Have you been thinking of growing your own business internationally?
Do you or your family members want to learn a new language?

If any one of your answers to the question above is “yes”, you should purchase a Jarvisen translator.

When and where can I use Jarvisen?

You can use Jarvisen anywhere and anytime you want or need. Our mission is to create a universal translator to help you connect with the world without the obstacle of language.

Is Jarivsen a two-way or one-way voice translator?

Jarvisen translator supports two-way voice translation.

Can I use Jarvisen offline?

Yes and No. For the most accurate and comprehensive translation, Jarvisen requires Internet access to support all 60 languages. Jarvisen’s built-in global data will keep you online and connected in over 98 countries and regions, so that you will never lose access to Jarvisen no matter where you go. However, offline translation is available for certain languages (English<>Chinese, Japanese<>Chinese, Korean<>Chinese, Russian<>Chinese) and more languages will be available for offline translation soon.

Do I need to purchase a separate SIM card if my Jarvisen comes with “Built-In Mobile Data”?

Not necessary. Jarvisen’s Global Data plan will keep you online and connected in over 98 countries and regions. However, you can always insert a SIM card to Jarvisen translator to enable mobile data. For the full list of countries and regions covered by the Built-in Data plan please visit: https://www.jarvisen.com/pages/global-data-coverage.

How long is the data plan for the “Built-In Mobile Data” version?

If you purchased the Jarvisen translator with a 2-year Global Data, the data plan will last for 2 years from the date you activate the device.

What happens at the end of the two-year mobile data plan?

You can purchase a new data plan on Jarvisen.com.

Can I purchase the "Without Built-in Data" version of the Jarvisen translator and install my own SIM card for mobile data?

Yes, you can always insert a SIM card to your Jarvisen translator to enable mobile data.

What do I do when the mobile data signal is poor?

You can download and install offline translation packages in your Jarvisen translator to enable offline translation for selected languages.

How do I change the system language?

You can change the system language in Settings, under the section System Language.

How do I update my Jarvisen?

Periodically, we will push software and language updates to your Jarvisen translator. You will see notifications on the dropdown menu, or you can go to Settings>System Update to check for the latest system update.

How many downloadable Language package available right now?

Offline translation is available for these languages: English<>Chinese, Japanese<>Chinese, Korean<>Chinese, Russian<>Chinese. More languages will be available for offline translation soon.

Will there be new offline language package available in the future?

Yes, more languages will be available for offline translation in the future.

Will the translator store my translation records?

Jarvisen translator will only store your translation records locally in the device itself. You can see your translation records in the history page, and you can delete the translation history if you want. The translator will never store your translation records to a cloud-server.

How can I delete my translation records?

Go to the translation history page, long press on the record that you want to delete, then the delete options will show up. You can then select “Delete” to delete that specific record, or “Delete all” to delete all records.

What adaptor are supported for charging the device?

Jarvisen translator requires a USB-C charging cord. For the best charging performance, please use the charging cord and adaptor provided in the box.

Is there any accessories I can purchase for Jarvisen translator?

Jarvisen translator comes with a high-end leather cover to protect your device on the go. We will be adding more accessories to make your Jarvisen experience more enjoyable in the near future.

Order / Shipping / Warranty / Support

Can I purchase Jarvisen outside of the United States?

We only ship within the United States and Canada for orders made on Jarvisen.com. However, you can use a forwarding service, like https://www.shipito.com, to get your order shipped to a country outside of the U.S. and Canada.

How long is the warranty? Is there a way for me to extend the warranty?

We offer 2-year limited warranty for all purchases made on Jarvisen.com. For more details, please visit https://www.jarvisen.com/pages/warranty.

Where can I find the latest user manual?

You can find the full, latest user manual here: https://www.jarvisen.com/pages/user-guide.


I can't turn on the translator

1. Fully charge your translator.

2. When the translator is being charged, press and hold the volume up, volume down, and the power button (3 buttons in total) at the same time, and hold them for 30 seconds or until the translator is powered on.

3. Update your translator to the latest software version (Settings>System Update).

The global data coverage doesn't work when the first time I use the translator

Check your order history and make sure your translator comes with the built-in global data coverage. If your translator does not come with the data plan, go to jarvisen.com/data to purchase.

The global data coverage on your Jarvisen Translator is enabled by the eSim technology. It doesn't require any physical sim card (i.e. there is no sim card supposed to be shipped in the package). You should be able to see the 4G icon on the top left of the screen when your translator is using global data coverage.

If you don't see the 4G icon, please try the following steps.
1. Make sure your translator has been fully activated by following the steps after the device is powered on. Please note that you need to connect to Wifi for the first time in order to activate the translator.

2. Swipe down from the top of the screen to show the quick settings panel. Make sure the Mobile Data icon is turned on, and the Wi-Fi is off. You should be able to see the 4G icon on the top left of the screen.

3. If you still don't see the 4G icon. Restart your device by pressing the power button and select restart. After the device restarted, swipe down from the top of the screen to show the quick settings panel, and make sure the Mobile Data icon is turned on, and the Wi-Fi is off. WAIT up to 15 minutes until you see the 4G icon showing up on the top left corner of the screen. It may take some time to activate the global data coverage sometime.

The global data coverage doesn't work when I travel to another country 

When you travel to another country, which is on the supported list (https://www.jarvisen.com/pages/global-data-coverage), the translator should be able to automatically switch and connect to the local data network in that country.

If it doesn't work, please try the following steps.

1. Make sure the country you travel is on the supported list here https://www.jarvisen.com/pages/global-data-coverage

2. Swipe down from the top of the screen, and turn on "Mobile Data" and "Wi-Fi". Connect to a working Wi-Fi to make sure you have Internet access so that the device can get the activation signal from the local mobile network provider.

3. Wait for 5-10 mins, turn off "Wi-Fi" and only have "Mobile Data" turned on. Check if there is any 4G icon shown on the top left corner of the screen and see if the mobile data connection is working.

4. If not, restart the translator and repeat step 2 and 3 for one more time.

5. If it still doesn't work, contact us at jarvisen.com/support and we will reply to you promptly.