Today's world is run by Zoom. With fewer people working in offices, Zoom is how many coworkers communicate.

Aware that oftentimes this communication involves multiple languages, Zoom includes an option for language interpretation in business meetings and webinars.

It's a nice feature, but it simply pales in comparison to using a smart language translator device like Jarvisen. Here are four reasons why Jarvisen is a better Zoom translator than Zoom's official translator could ever hope to be!

Jarvisen Supports More Languages

Zoom's language interpretation software supports nine languages. And while they are among the world's more popular languages, that's nothing compared to what Jarvisen can offer.

Currently, Jarvisen Smart Translator can handle 60 languages! That's enough to translate just about anybody in the world. Simply speak into the Jarvisen, put it up to your camera, let people hear the translation, and then they respond in kind. 

Less Room for Human Error

For Zoom's translator to work, everybody needs to successfully set their channel to the language that they want to hear. If they do that, then they will hear the translated audio from the designated translator on the Zoom team.

The problem is that humans make mistakes. Lots of them. It's hard enough to get everybody to unmute their microphones during a meeting -- what happens if two or more participants neglect to set up their channel to hear the necessary language? They'll be completely confused and the meeting will grind to a halt.

Using a Jarvisen is far easier. You simply select your desired language, speak into the device, and Jarvisen handles the rest. It's as easy as can be…as long as everybody turns their mics on!

You Can Use Jarvisen During a Personal Meeting

Zoom's translator function is specifically designed for webinars and business meetings. But what if you're not paying for Zoom and simply want a personal meetup? Unfortunately, you don't get to use Zoom's interpretation feature in that case. Better fork over that money, honey.

Or, you could use Jarvisen and fork over nothing! Jarvisen works for all types of meetings, but it also works for simple chats with friends, Zoom dates, virtual theater, or any other reason people have to speak with one another. The Jarvisen Smart Language Translator device requires no expensive accounts. It simply requires your desire to communicate.

Cloud Recordings Don't Include Zoom Interpretations

As you're likely aware, you can record Zoom meetings. However, if you record a meeting where you were using Zoom's translation feature, the translation will not survive. That's right -- the meeting's original audio will save to the Cloud, but if you needed the translation to remember something important, you're out of luck.

Jarvisen, on the other hand, has no such issues. If you translate your meeting with a Jarvisen, that translation will be recorded just as readily as your original words. So if you need to playback the meeting the next day to remember your team's action plan, you can easily get it in the language YOU need.

The Bottom Line

Zoom means well with its language interpretation feature, but it cannot hold a candle to real language translation such as the kind Jarvisen offers. With 60 languages, no expensive accounts, simple setups, and the ability to be fully recorded for posterity, Jarvisen wins this battle in a landslide!

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