How Language Translation Can Help Your Business Grow

Your business may be doing well, but it can always do better. One easy way to do so is to invest in language translation.

We don't mean just running everything through Google Translate -- we've already covered why that's a patently bad idea. Instead, invest in a truly accurate, professional translation program like Jarvisen. We break down the barriers of language, so everyone you speak to knows what you're saying and understands your intent too.

This expert level of communication can help your business grow to levels that once seemed impossible even in dreams. Here's how:

More Sales

It's common sense: if you can communicate with someone, they're likely to buy from you. How can you possibly persuade someone to invest their money in your goods or services if you two have no clue what each other is saying?

Don't think language translation is only helpful to big-shot corporate sales types, either. Even if you're selling apples at a kiosk in Thailand, the ability to translate the locals' native Thai into your language helps immensely. You can only get away with pointing to an apple so often before customers will want to talk with you, even if it's just to haggle.

Easier Problem Solving

What happens if something goes wrong with your products or services? Most likely, the customer will want to speak with you and fix the issue. It's not easy to do that if you speak one language and they another. In this scenario, don't expect to fix whatever's wrong. If anything, it will only get worse, especially if another customer contacts you with the same problem later on.

By utilizing language translation, you and the customer will instead understand each other completely. You'll quickly find the problem, fix it, and leave the customer happier than they were when they contacted you. 

Plus, now that you understand what's wrong, the problem becomes simpler to fix when another customer arrives with the same issue. Instant expert, just add language!

You Can Hire The Best Workers No Matter Where They Live

Jarvisen can translate 60 languages (and counting). Imagine the potential for near-unlimited business if you could communicate with the best possible workers in all 60 of those languages.

You and your company would be unstoppable! You'd score educated, driven employees, no matter where on the six populated continents they live. (Jarvisen's working on Penguinese, so get ready to hire from Antarctica too*).

Freelancers, outsourcers, contractors, and others want to work for -- and with -- people they can speak with and understand. Why not give them what they want? Speak their language, even if through a device, and it will be the beginning of a beautiful (and profitable) partnership.

*not really. Penguinese is hard.

More Opportunity For Expansion

Do you dream of expanding your business beyond your one office? Maybe you're growing to the point where you want to leave your corporate footprint in multiple countries. There's no more natural way to accomplish that than with language translation.

No matter where you visit: if you can understand the native language, you're more likely to score the necessary deals. You'll rent the buildings you want, hire the local staff you want, and successfully advertise in a tongue your new neighbors will grasp.

And if you become so successful that it's time to merge with the competition? Your chances of success go way up if the two of you can speak with one another. So bring your Jarvisen to the boardroom and marvel at how you and your next business partner get along like you're old friends.

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