How Many Languages Does Jarvisen Know?

Jariven’s Smart Voice Translator seems straight out of a fantasy story. It’s the Babelfish from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or the Universal Translator from Star Trek. It could even be compared to Star War’s C-3PO. Rather than these magical devices being confined to pages and screens, however, Jarvisen has managed to bring the concept of a vocal translator to life. Speech is translated as it’s spoken, the equivalent of a personal translator always on the ready. This is a massive aid for anyone travelling the world, business goers and adventurers alike. Gone are the days of travel-sized dictionaries, clunky text translations, or the ever famous and ineffective “point and shout” method of communication. 

Of course, this begs the question; how many languages does Jarvisen know? Admittedly, it knows less than our pal 3PO— but in fairness, one is a fictional robot who deals with creatures from all across the galaxy, and the other is a device made only for Earth. It’s hard to compete with 3PO’s six million languages, but Jarvisen stands strong with 60 languages prepped and ready to translate. 

Jarvisen Speaks Your Language

For every country on our little blue planet, Jarvisen’s got you covered. Travelers can now mingle among the locals without entering a game of charades at each encounter. 

"But," you may be thinking, "how many languages are there on the planet? Isn't that a minority of the world's dialects?” 

The answer is, technically, yes; realistically, no. It’s uncertain how many languages truly exist. According to Ethnologue, the leading online resource for languages, there are 7,111 languages as of 2019. This number is ever growing and changing as old languages die out and new ones are born. So on the surface, Jarvisen covers a tiny percentage of the world's dialects. Dig a bit further however and it’s clear that Jarvisen’s 60 languages cover virtually every scenario.

A Fun Language Lesson

Ethnologue states that among the 7,000 recorded dialects, a considerable amount are endangered. Many sport fewer than a thousand speakers. Meanwhile, half the people on the planet speak a cumulative 23 languages. The top five languages— Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, and Arabic— hold 2.8 billion people who speak them as their first language. So if you "only" speak two or three languages, have no fear. You've still got billions of people to talk to.

Even if you only speak one language, that's okay because Jarvisen's more than got you covered. Now that you know how so few languages account for so many people, you can see why our Smart Voice Translator can help you no matter where you go. Fifty-two languages are more than enough for virtually any language situation you come across. 

In whatever country you travel to, the Jarvisen Smart Voice Translator will help you understand everyone around you. After all, what's a better way to ensure a happy, peaceful, and productive world travelling experience than the excellent camaraderie that stems from good, simple, and effective communication?

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