How to Cross Off Items on Your Bucket List in Quarantine

Even if we don’t have it written down, the majority of us have a Bucket List. The entries on that list may range from traveling the world to having a day where everything you do is self-care. Unfortunately, as quarantine continues on, those travel entries aren’t going to get crossed off. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cross at least one entry off of your Bucket List!

Here’s Jarvisen’s guide to crossing items off of your Bucket List while in quarantine.


Learning a New Language

One of the most popular Bucket List items is learning a new language. Now that you have more time on your hands, this is the perfect time to start learning. The first step to learning a new language is finding a teacher. For us, that teacher is the Jarvisen Translator.

Using the translator, you can say any phrase and have it translate into the language of your choice. That way, you can hear how that word or phrase is said. With enough practice, you’ll have a full set of phrases in your desired language, whether it’s Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, or any of the other languages the Jarvisen Translator knows. You’ll be a master of global communication.


Watching All of the ‘Classics’

‘You haven’t seen the Godfather?’ It’s time to set the record straight. There are so many ‘classic’ movies out there that--for some reason--are ‘must-sees’.  Now, with all of this time on your hands, you can finally cross off watching the Godfather in its entirety or all of the Alien franchise.

In fact, you can cross off all of the ‘classics’ by going down the list. What list is that? Rotten Tomatoes has a comprehensive list of the Top 100 Classic Movies that includes movies like The Wizard of Oz and Citizen Kane that will turn you into the authority on ‘classic’ cinema in your friend group.


Changing Up Your Look

If you’re anything like men, you can be a little hesitant about changing your look because you want other people to like it. Well, now’s your chance to change it up, regardless of what other people think because they may not even see it!

When you may only leave the house once a week, you have the opportunity to get used to your new haircut or hair color or fashion sense before other people offer their opinions! So, go crazy and enjoy yourself while the consequences are minimal!


Bottom Line

Though the travel entries on your Bucket List will have to wait, there’s no time like the present to cross off some of your other entries! From learning a new language to painting your house to watching all 100 ‘classic’ movies on the Rotten Tomato list, there’s time aplenty to cross off some of those items!

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