Phrases You Should Know Before Visiting Germany

Berlin during December? Gorgeous!

If you have plans to visit Germany this winter, make sure to brush up on your German. Lucky for you, we have a guide to the top phrases and words you should know before you visit Germany.

Whether you’re there for history, the arts, or just a sight-seeing vacation, Germany has so much to offer, so let’s make sure you’re ready for whatever it has for you!



Sometimes, all it takes is a word to get your point across. That point could be just a simple greeting or politeness. 

One common phrase in any culture is “hello.” When greeting someone in German, just say hallo. Simple, right?

When you want to be polite, a “thank you” never hurts! If you’ve just gotten directions to the Brandenburg Gate, make sure to thank the person with a simple dankeschön.

If you’re going for polite, “please” is the cherry on top. Whether you’re asking for someone to take a picture or ordering some bratwurst, saying bitte is always a nice gesture, and may just get you some extra patience from the native you’re speaking to! 

Finally, sometimes you just need to go. No matter where you are, you’ll eventually have to use the restroom, so this simple phrase can help you get there, even if you don’t have time to pull out your Jarvisen Translator. Asking someone toilette? will get the job done and help you get where you need to be. 



Words aren’t enough when traveling abroad. You need to know phrases, too! And these phrases will help you navigate Germany like a pro.

Sometimes, it’s best to admit what you don’t know. “I’m sorry, I don’t speak German” can help you to find someone who speaks your language if you need them. Simply say es tut mir leid, ich spreche kein Deutsch.

There is no shame in asking someone if they can speak your language, either. As long as you ask nicely, you’ll be one step closer to getting what or where you need. Sprechen Sie Englisch means “Can you speak English?” and will no doubt help you out.

Especially in a nation of beautiful monuments and attractions, you’ll always be going somewhere, so knowing how to ask “How can I get to [Name of Place]?” is a must-know. Simply say wie komme ich zu? and you’ll get where you need to go.

We all love souvenirs, so it’s no surprise that you need to know how to ask how much something is. Hold up the item or point and ask how much it is, like this: wieviel kostet das?

Last, but not least, you’ll want to share what you’ve seen and what you’ve learned about Germany’s amazing sights with the world--or just the folks back home. So, you may have to ask where you can use the internet. That’s easy: wo kann ich das internet nutzen?

Auf Wiedersehen!

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