Top 4 Travel Destinations in 2021

COVID-19 restrictions created significant anxiety and stress for future traveling. Recent developments in vaccinations allow people to take that destination trip they thought about last summer. It is still important to keep a mask on you and practice safe, social distancing when you’re out in public spaces. There are plenty of countries with the space to let you sightsee and stay safe.

We’ve shared our tips for travel safety during COVID-19, and now we’d like to talk about our top four travel destinations in 2021. Here are a few places you can visit while maintaining social distance!

Senegal, Africa
Photo by Daniel Torobekov from Pexels

Senegal is known as the “The Country of Hospitality,” as their native Wolof tongue says. Many visitors appreciate its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Senegal has a rich cultural history of art, fashion, textiles designs, and music. Just last month, the Saint-Louis Jazz festival returned for its first debut since the pandemic started. For visitors who appreciate learning history when they travel, Senegal’s House of Slaves also offers an in-depth look at African history throughout the 15th and 19th centuries. 

If you’ve already taken a dip into the culture of Senegal, you can pay a visit to the coast and try surfing. Senegal is well known for its surfing locations. Dakar is one of the best locations for beginner surfers and veterans alike. 

Darjeeling, India
Photo by Avijeet Ghosh from Pexels

Summer trips are all about recording our experiences overseas and making memories with family and friends. A camera is essential when traveling abroad, and nowhere is more photogenic than Darjeeling, India. If you’re an early morning person and love to watch the sunrise, you can visit Tiger Hill, Darjeeling’s 2,600-meter-tall summit. Darjeeling invites visitors to take a tour of their Tea Factory, where visitors receive an inside look at the tea-making process. 

When you’re finished at the Tea Factory, you can catch a ride on the Himalayan Railway, which will take you from Darjeeling to Siliguri. 

Milos, Greece
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Are you looking for beaches this summer and want to avoid the crowds? Take a trip to Milos and experience the various beaches Greece has to offer. Milos is located on the southeastern side of the mainland, not too far from one of Greece’s volcanic oases. Many of the beaches on Milos are spaced out and generally unpopulated! You can view the beautiful Grecian scenery without having to worry about being stuck in a crowd. While there, you can also spend time at one of their Skinopi lodges or try some of the coastal cuisines at the Medusa.   

British Columbia, Canada
Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

Part of the fun of traveling is learning and absorbing different cultures. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about Canada’s indigenous population, you can plan a trip to Alberta or British Columbia. Destination Indigenous is a new online booking platform allowing tourists a full indigenous experience. From food to nature preserves and walks to pow wows, you can learn more about the Indigenous People of Canada while also practicing social distancing. Destination Indigenous offers a two-day stay in a yurt for visitors. The best part of Destination Indigenous is the money gathered helps the community, too.   

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