Top 5 Japanese Food Spots in Tokyo

When the 2020 Summer Olympics roll around, thousands of visitors will arrive in Tokyo, Japan, ready to drink up the culture in as many ways as possible. One of those ways will be with food! Not only does Japan have a very unique language, but it has some amazingly unique cuisine.

And as you know, taste needs no translation! So, we have a list of the top five Japanese food spots in Tokyo!



Located in Akihabara, this is the premier Japanese restaurant for Japanese Barbecue! Yamano is famous for yakiniku (Japanese-style Barbecue) and does not disappoint. Here, you can get the finest A5-ranked Japanese Beef and cook it at your own table over an open fire.



After your meat is cooked to your liking, dip it in a delicious array of sauces like miso or a spicy tomato-based marinade. For a palate-cleanser, Yamano also serves delicious miso soup, vegetables, and rice dishes!



If meat and barbecue isn’t your thing, try out Afuri! This Ebisu restaurant serves delectable and light ramen served with fresh vegetables in the spring water from Mount Afuri! Their specialty is yuzu ramen, which is a chicken-based broth that warms your belly and puts a smile on your face!



If you’re vegetarian or vegetarian, Afuri has options for you, as well. They offer vegan ramen and lotus root that will ensure you get a taste of Tokyo, too!

Harajuku Gyozaro

No trip to Japan would complete without dumplings, which is where Harajuku Gyozaro comes in! Known for its reasonably priced Gyoza dumplings, this restaurant is perfect for dumpling lovers! Their pan-fried dumplings are a Tokyo favorite and have become the pride and joy of this small restaurant.



In addition to their delicious dumplings, Harajuku Gyozaro is located near the Meiji Shingu Shrine, making it the perfect place for a to-go order!


If you’re a vegetarian, I have great news for you! Sasanoyuki is famous for its tofu! This restaurant specializes in tofu and has found ways to push it to its limits, creating delicious and creative dishes that you may have never even imagined.



As I mentioned, most of Sasanoyuki’s dishes are perfect for vegetarians or vegans. However, some of the dishes also incorporate fish broth or fish flakes. All of their dishes are tasty and healthy, making this restaurant a must-visit!

Kushiyaki Bistro Fukumimi

In the heart of Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood, you’ll find this delightful bistro. The Kushiyaki Bistro Fukumimi is famous for its yakitori or grilled chicken skewers, which are a Japanese Delicacy. Not only is this restaurant in the center of Tokyo but it also has an extensive range of yakitori.



By ‘extensive,’ I mean over forty different choices. Each of these amazing chicken skewers is grilled to perfection over charcoal and are a must-taste during your time in Japan.


Bottom Line

Though it is full of variety and unique foods, Tokyo’s culinary spots really do have something for everyone. While you navigate each and every one, make sure to have your handy Jarvisen Translator with you to help you communicate your orders!

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