Top Five Japanese Experiences You Won't Find Anywhere Else

With the 2020 Summer Olympics growing ever closer, thousands are planning their trips to Japan. In between the tennis matches and the track and field events, you’ll have time to experience Japan in an amazingly authentic way.

Japan is known for its traditions and for its modern quirks, so we have a list of five strictly Japanese experiences you won’t find anywhere else!


Bathe in an Onsen

If you have ever seen pictures of red-faced monkeys enjoying themselves in hot springs, then you may know where I am headed with this! Onsen are communal baths with hot spring water. The minerals and temperature of the water will make you feel better than any spa day as they ease the aches from your muscles.

And these hot spring baths aren’t just for physical relaxation, they can be the perfect place to find your inner peace. With pristine natural surroundings, you’ll be able to breathe easy and renew yourself for the days to come.


Participate in a Tea Ceremony

Aside from their food, Japan is most famous for its teas. And these delicious teas have certain ceremonies that are full of aesthetics and Japanese ideals. As you go through the ceremony, an experienced and knowledgable host will guide you so that you experience every part to the fullest.

This authentic Japanese experience will let you feel that you are a part of something bigger than yourself because you’ll be completing a ceremony done in Japan for centuries.


Watch a Sumo Match

Another famous icon of Japanese culture is the sumo wrestler. Sumo wrestling is one of Japan’s oldest sports, where two wrestlers engage in a match which derives its origins in the ideas of Shintoism, another uniquely-Japanese doctrine.

Though sumo tournaments occur in January, May, and September, you’ll be able to go to individual matches all year long, including in July and August!


Go to a Themed Cafe

One of the more modern aspects of Japanese culture, themed cafes are diverse and always immersive. From cat cafes where you can drink tea with kittens to eating in a chrome-coated room while robots play hard rock, there’s a themed cafe for everyone.

The majority of these quirky cafes are in the Tokyo area, which is perfect for those traveling to Japan for the Tokyo Summer Olympics. You won’t even have to leave the city to experience this unique part of Japanese culture.


Stay at a Ryokan

The best way to experience the famous hospitality of Japan is to stay at a Ryokan. Ryokan are traditional inns in Japan that offer premium service, along with full-course authentic Japanese meals.

If you want to really enjoy your stay in Japan, staying ina Ryokan is one of the best ways to do so!


Bottom Line

Japan has so much to offer in terms of the traditional and authentic Japanese experience. However, only in Japan will you find truly Japanese customs and experiences like the ones on our list! Hopefully, you’ll be able to mark them each off the list during your stay in Japan!

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