We all love to travel, and many of us get to live that dream. Unfortunately, living that dream can be expensive. Luckily, the holidays can play a part in making sure you get what you need for your travels without buying it yourself!

We’ve got your Christmas list ready with the top ten gifts for travelers! We sorted them into three categories to help you pinpoint exactly what would be perfect for you (or that special traveler in your life)!

The best part? Every item can be found on Amazon!


Electronic Essentials:

The Anker Powercore Portable Charger will keep your device charged all through flights or long day trips so you can make sure to share your photos and experiences with the folks back home, no matter how far away you are from an outlet.


Rowkin Wireless Earbuds are a fantastic gift for travelers because they offer amazing sound quality no matter where you’re going. They’re perfect for plane rides and walking through airports, too!


The Jarvisen Translator is a must-have for international travelers who haven’t quite mastered every language there is. This two-way translator makes speaking with natives of any country easy and stress-free, exactly what a vacation should be!


Travel and Packing Essentials:

The Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck Pillow is perfect for those long flights when all you can really do is get cozy and settle in for a nap! Its patented memory foam technology is science-backed and so comfy that you’ll be snoozing before the plane takes off!


Eagle Creek Packing Cubes are the solution to a messy suitcase! These nifty cubes allow for perfect organization, especially for long trips that require more clothes. They come with three cubes: one large, one medium, and one small, to help you stay completely organized on your trips! 


The Foldable Duffle Bag is the perfect gift for those who don’t have the storage room for bulky suitcases. These duffle bags can hold the same amount of luggage but can be folded down into a manageable, easily-stowed size.


For international travelers, a Fabric Passport Holder is an ideal gift. This fabric holder is durable and can hold your passport, along with your ID and any other important cards you need to keep with you!


For the Outdoorsy:

Lifestraw Filtered Water Bottles have garnered a lot of attention since their release. These water bottles are amazing and perfect for hikers as they can be filled with any kind of water. The water is then filtered through the Lifestraw, which was designed to filter out any diseases or debris the water may contain.


The ENO Adventure Travel Hammock is already a hit with college students and hikers everywhere. These portable and foldable hammocks let you set up camp anywhere where there are two trees! An ideal gift for adventurers, ENOs allow for a rest even in the middle of the forest!


A Microfiber Backpacking Towel is the perfect gift for those who like to work up a sweat when they hike or backpack. Soft, yet durable, these towels will go with you wherever your feet take you, and will always be there to wipe away your sweat!

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