How Jarvisen is Helping Senior Care and Rehab Centers

We at Jarvisen love to hear about how our smart language translator device is helping the community. This recent story concerns what might be one of our happiest moments: learning how much Jarvisen helps out at senior care and rehab centers.

A health care center that we partner with recently got a large grant from their state Governor's Commission. They used part of this grant to purchase Jarvisen translators, which proved to be one of the best purchases the health care center could've made.

Both residents and staff have found life so much easier and more manageable with smart translators at the ready. Language barriers are now almost entirely a thing of the past -- residents who speak a different tongue than those around them can communicate with both staff and residents as if they all grew up speaking the same way!

Many people, both elderly and middle-aged, suffer from major language barriers when they enter senior care and rehab. Imagine how amazing (and relieving) it must be for them to be able to understand what the doctors and other staff members are trying to tell them.

Our friends at the health center report using their smart translation devices in various departments, including the Skilled Nurses Station, the Long-Term Care Nurses Station. Social Sevices, their financial office, the laundry room, and the chapel. 

Each of these areas regularly deal with residents who don't speak English or who speak very little. Even something seemingly simple as being able to chat with a resident about a missing pair of socks does wonders for their confidence.

But what of those times when the workers have to leave the center? Well, that's where Jarvisen's true genius shines, in the form of a robust data plan that lets the user access WiFi just about anywhere, such as when they're taking a resident to see the doctor or moving a new resident from their home or a hospital, 

It cannot be stressed enough how, well, stressful it can be for someone who doesn't speak English to be sent from their house to an unknown care or rehab facility. It can be downright terrifying if they have no way to speak to the people taking them someplace new. A smart language translator device like Jarvisen goes a long way towards easing anxieties and making the new residents feel both welcome and comfortable in their new home.

The Bottom Line 

The transition from independent living to rehab or senior care can be a harrowing one, especially if the resident doesn't speak the language of the rehab center's workers. Smart translation devices, particularly Jarvisen, are invaluable when solving issues and helping people feel better about such a huge new stage in their lives.

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