Why Journalists and Reporters Should Use Language Translator Devices

More than ever, journalists and reporters are important and necessary figures in our society. We need their reporting, research, grasp of the facts, and willingness to reveal the truth in the face of those who would lie and obscure the facts for their own gain.

It's because journalists and reporters are so important that it's equally important they have access to smart language translator devices like Jarvisen. Here's why!

Get An Accurate Story From The Locals

Oftentimes, a journalist or reporters needs to get a story direct from the source. After all, what better way to get the full tale than from eyewitness accounts? That, of course, means going right to the people and talking to them.

This, as you may suspect, can become challenging if you and the source don't speak each other's languages. Rather than fumble through some translation dictionary (or simply record their story to plug into Google Translate later), why not come equipped with a language translator device?

All you need to do is program your device to translate from your language to your source's language. Then speak into your device and your questions come out in their native tongue. Your source will then answer and your smart device will translate them into the language you speak!

Just like that, both sides understand each other and they understand the story. No confusion, all facts.

More Languages = More Work, Sources, and Interviews

As a reporter and journalist, your work takes you all over the place, sometimes around the world. And with that world exposure comes the opportunity to work for different people and media in all sorts of different places, whether it be on a permanent tor freelance basis.

If you wind up with the opportunity to work for a foreign website, newspaper, or magazine, having a smart language translator device like Jarvisen is beyond handy! You'll get regular work, be able to speak with and interview all the local sources, and when the time comes to move on to another publication in yet another part of the world, you and your language translator device will be ready to go.

It doesn't even need to be another part of the world. Most every country speaks multiple languages, so it's all but guaranteed you'll run into companies and sources that operate in Spanish even if the dominant language in the country is English. Even without leaving the country, a smart language translator opens up doors to all sorts of opportunities to work and people to work with!

The Bottom Line

Journalism tells the stories of people. People speak hundreds, if not thousands of languages. Ergo, wielding a smart language translator like Jarvisen means you, as a journalist or reporter, can finally tell everyone's story the way they should be told!

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