Jarvisen’s Picks for the Top Five Countries You Should Visit in 2020

If your New Year’s Resolution was to travel, then you’re in luck! Here at Jarvisen, we are all about traveling and exploring the world, but sometimes picking where you want to go can be a challenge. Will it be Costa Rican beaches or the mountains of Switzerland? Well, we are here to help!

Here are Jarvisen’s picks for the top five countries you should visit in 2020.



Now known as the Kingdom of eSwatini, this is a nation of absolutely gorgeous natural sights. This small and landlocked country boasts seven nature reserves, four frontier conservation areas, and three wildlife or game reserves. Not only does eSwatini have amazing animal sanctuaries, but it has a thriving culture, as well.

If you want to experience eSwatini culture, the best place to do it is in its capital city, Mbabane. Mbabane has ninety-four thousand inhabitants, along with resorts and trade centers. Eswatini has two official languages: English and Swazi, so if you happen to be in a part of the country that doesn’t speak English, make sure to have your Jarvisen Translator handy!



Everyone loves a beach, but Aruba is not just a beach. With its dry and arid climate, you can expect consistent warm weather, the perfect weather for reading on the beach, surfing, or hiking.

Like eSwatini, Aruba is full of natural beauty. Because it is an island, you’ll be surrounded by the stunning blue of the Caribbean Sea. Unlike the previous entry on our list, Aruba has no major cities, which makes it the perfect destination for those who just need a relaxing vacation. Aruba’s official languages are Dutch and Papiamento, so pack your Jarvisen Translator!


North Macedonia

Officially the Republic of North Macedonia, this country is full of history. North Macedonia is rich in art, history, and architecture. If you’re looking for something to do in North Macedonia, just look around you. There are ancient, protected religious sites that date back to the Ancient Greeks and art and music festivals held annually.

Not only is North Macedonia rich in history and art, but food, too! North Macedonia is uniquely situated so that its cuisine reflects that of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Italian, and Eastern European cultures. Finally, take your Jarvisen, because the official languages in North Macedonia are Macedonian and Albanian.



If English is your mother language, you can leave your Jarvisen Translator at home for this one. England is one of the most prominent nations on the planet, and yet still gets overlooked as a travel destination.

England is home to countless historical sites, like the Globe Theater and Big Ben, but it isn’t just cities and history. The rolling hills of the moors and the captivating rivers that cut through the landscape add a peaceful element to this country, making it the best of both worlds in terms of relaxation and adventure.



Finally, we couldn’t have a ‘top countries to visit in 2020’ list without Japan. In case you didn’t know, Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics this year, which makes this the perfect time and excuse to fly out there.

There is so much more to Japan than Tokyo, though. This entire island is a testament to history, art, nature, and delectable cuisine. Whether you choose to spend your time touring its cities or out gazing at views from its mountains, Japan will refresh your soul and make you want to travel more.

Oh, one more thing! As you probably guessed, Japan’s official language is Japanese, which is one of the Jarvisen Translator’s specialties, so don’t forget it when you pack!

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