How Jarvisen Can Help You Climb the Ladder in 2020

So many of us want to take that next step in our careers. For some, making contacts and connections is the goal for 2020. For others, it is reaching a certain rung on that corporate ladder. Jarvisen Tranlastor has a way for you to do both this year.

As one of the most unique and fast smart AI translators, Jarvisen is the perfect tool for making connections and networking in other countries. Not only that but using it in a conference call setting can help professionals like you close deals that would not have been achievable before.


Networking and Connections

Any professional will tell you that networking and making connections in your field is the key to success, whether you work in sales, journalism, or the medical field. Sometimes, we are limited to only making connections that speak our languages.

As the world has grown more interconnected and global, businesses have reached out across oceans and continents to interact, so why shouldn’t you?

Not knowing a language is no longer an issue. With an amazing translator like Jarvisen, you can make connections in Hong Kong, Delhi, and Amsterdam, all without taking a class. 



Any sales associate or business professional knows that the key to good business is knowing how to properly negotiate. You may know how to negotiate in English, but can you say the same for other languages? 

If the answer if ‘no’, let Jarvisen help you! You can use every technique you know and it will be properly and accurately translated so whomever you are negotiating with knows you are both professional and knowledgable. With the Jarvisen Translator at your side, you can leave misunderstanding at the door, and have fewer questions when you close the deal.


Closing Deals

Once you have those connections, there’s no doubt that your company will reveal its global partnerships. That means you may have to present or pitch to someone who doesn’t speak English, which can be nerve-wracking in and of itself, but Jarvisen will be there for you in this situation, too.

Unlike Google Translate, Jarvisen has programming that accommodates formal conversations, like those in business settings. This programming will help you get your point across in an eloquent and professional way. 

You could learn a new language, but professionals in 2020 may not have that kind of time, so the next best thing? Jarvisen.


Bottom Line

Whether you want to make more global connections or nail that pitch to overseas sponsors, let Jarvisen help you. With one of the fastest translation times and programming to match, Jarvisen is the perfect tool to help you meet your career goals in 2020.

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