Nearly everyone does it: when December 31st rolls around, nearly everyone has some kind of New Year’s Resolution that they vow to stick to. This year will be different. One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is traveling more.

Many people want to travel the world and experience new cultures, try new foods, and see the most gorgeous views.

Here at Jarvisen, we think that is great New Year’s Resolution, but it may take some preparation, and that is exactly where we come in! Here are some tips from your favorite Smart Translator about achieving your New Year’s Resolution to travel more.


Start Saving Now

Every little bit helps! The coins between the couch cushions? Throw them in the savings jar! The wrinkled bills you found in the pocket of your jeans? Throw them in the jar!

The best way to save for your dream trip is to start now and to be consistent. Like I said, every little bit helps, and those coins and dollar bills will eventually add up.

You can even vow to take a certain amount out of your paycheck each pay period to add to the savings. As long as you are consistent, you will get to your goal!


Do Research

There’s nothing more fun than scrolling through Pinterest looking at vacation destinations. From beaches to mountains, we each have somewhere we want to travel, but Culture Shock is a real thing and can catch people off-guard.

One way to make sure Culture Shock doesn’t hit you too hard is to do some research. Make sure to research the social customs of the place you will be going to, as well as key landmarks or attractions so you always know where you are.

Prepare Yourself

Though this is kind of like doing research, preparing yourself for traveling is even more important. Research is finding information, preparing is what you do with it.

That being said, if you plan on traveling to another country, it is best to learn the emergency numbers and save them on your phone. Don’t worry, we have a blog for that, too.

Another great way to prepare is to learn a few basic phrases for the country you will be traveling to. Our blog has covered phrases in countries from Thailand to Argentina, so check those out.

The best way to prepare yourself? Buy a Jarvisen Translator, of course! Having this translator will ensure that you can always ask for directions, even without cell service. 

Bottom Line

Having a New Year’s Resolution that revolves around travel can be intimidating, but as long as you follow our tips--Start Saving Now, Do Research, and Prepare Yourself--you’ll reach your goal in no time! 

Good luck and safe travels!

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