Why Law Enforcement Should Use Smart Translators

Smart language translator devices like Jarvisen can benefit so many people in so many walks of life. Law enforcement, for example, sees job performance grow by leaps and bounds whenever communication between speakers of different languages becomes easier.

Check out some of the great ways law enforcement officers can use smart language translators!

Interview Witnesses

Few things make a law enforcement officer's job easier than a good, cooperative, reliable witness. But if that witness doesn't speak the officer's language, precious little information is likely to arise from an interview.

That's why every officer and detective needs a smart language translator. Select the witness's language, speak your questions into the translator, and out pops the question in the witness's preferred language. That way, they know exactly what you're talking about and can accurately answer your questions.

Solving the case and nabbing the bad guy just became that much easier!

Interrogate Suspects

What happens when you track down your suspect and arrest them, and it turns out they don't speak your language? Smart language translator devices can help here as well.

If you bring the suspect back to the station, and there's nobody there who can speak their language, that's where your smart translator comes in handy. Bring your device and the suspect into the interrogation room, lay it out on the table along with your handy dandy recorder, and begin asking the hard questions.

The suspect may or may not want to answer all your questions, but at least this way they won't be able to claim ignorance of what you're asking them. You did ask them in their language, after all!

Speak With Youth

Being a law enforcement officer isn't just about catching bad guys. As a role model, you also want to be able to speak with your fellow citizens, especially young people, about leading a good, honest, and law-abiding life.

With a smart translator like Jarvisen at your side, you can communicate with any youth group in almost any language. If you speak English and the vast majority of the kids around you speak Spanish, your smart translator will make it seem like you all speak the same language. 

Being able to communicate this way might be the difference-maker in convincing some kids to do good in life and respect the law. Perhaps they may even become law enforcement officers themselves!

The Bottom Line

Law enforcement officers work for and serve the people. If they carry smart language translators with them, they will be able to serve the people that much easier. No more confusion, no more guesswork -- just effective communication between officer and citizen!

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