Few things are more important in our world than a proper education. But when a language barrier gets in the way of that education, something needs to be done.

That something is a smart language translator device, like the Jarvisen. Why let a little thing like a different language hinder the transfer of knowledge, especially when smart translation technology is breaking down the language barrier like never before?

How can both teachers and students benefit from using a smart language translator like Jarvisen? Here's how:

Enhanced Communication Between Teachers and Students

There's no guarantee that everybody in your class is going to speak the same language. That would be convenient, but there's no way to ensure that happens. It's no good to be the Spanish kid who only speaks a smattering of English, and it's worse if that person is the teacher.

What to do? Flip through a Spanish-to-English dictionary every 20 seconds? Rely on Google Translate (which, as we pointed out before, isn't reliable at all)? Talk slowly and risk offending someone?

If a classroom comes equipped with smart language translators, all of those "solutions" are a thing of the past. Whoever speaks the foreign language chats into their translator, and out comes a perfect English version of whatever they said. The teacher/student does the same with their translator, which spits out perfect Spanish the other [party can understand completely.

No more time wasted, and no more frustration. Just great communication and high education.

Great Foreign Literature, Decoded

With thousands of languages out there, it would be limiting to insist only your language produces great literature. With a smart language translator device by your side, you can explore beautiful poetry in tons of tongues!

How awesome would it be to have your students read Crime and Punishment or Don Quixote in the language the author intended them for? English translations are great, but flawed. Reading the story through a smart translator like Jarvisen restores that beautiful prose to exactly what it was on the day of its release.

Plus, think of all the amazing stories out there that have never gotten a proper translation. You and your students could experience those stories right there in the classroom, and it's all one revolutionary piece of smart technology away!

Makes Language Homework Easier

This one's for the students only. If you've got language homework, think of how much easier having a smart translator could make your tasks!

Obviously, we're not endorsing cheating. It would do you no good to simply write down whatever your translator gives you and then pass it off as your own work. However, as a guide during your studies, and a check for after you've done your work and want to see what you did right and where you might have gone wrong, a pitch-perfect language translator is worth its weight in gold.

Or oro (Spanish). Or ouro (Portuguese). Or óir (Irish). It all depends on what language you're studying!

The Bottom Line

Education is too important for a language barrier to impede it. Luckily, in today's world we don't need to risk that. With smart language translators like Jarvisen in every classroom, knowledge is just a button press away!

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