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Earth Day Celebrations around the World
Earth Day is a day of connection and education, and Jarvisen believes a healthy relationship with the world facilitates a stronger bond with its people. Earth Day may have had its start in North America, but cultures around the world help spread environmental awareness through their traditions. This blog shows you how other cultures have spent their Earth Day in the past and the present.
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Spring around the World
We’ve all heard of St. Patrick’s Day. The Chinese New Year—also known as their Spring Festival—took place on the 12th of February. Other wonderful traditions deserve recognition, too. We’re going to take you around the world to India, Mexico, Australia, and Poland to discover how different countries' traditions choose to celebrate the coming of spring!
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How Different Cultures Say 'I Love You'
Ways of expressing affection to another person differ based on cultures. Grand gestures—like chocolates, teddy bears, and candies—are the standard as far as commercial presentations go. Here are some unique ‘acts of love’ we’ve discovered from all over the world. They don’t always fall on February 14th, but they still capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day.
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